Dorothy Morgan, Astrologer

Dorothy Morgan is a Master Astrologer and Personal Consultant with over 27 years’ experience consulting as well as teaching a wide variety of subjects relating to Astrology and personal development. Dorothy has a deep understanding of her own life path and purpose as an Astrologer. This insight allows her to assist you in gaining greater understanding of your own life path as well as inspire you to take the steps you need to follow your own life purpose.

Dawn Hunt, Kitchen Witch

Dawn Hunt is the founder of Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery founded on Long Island NY, and recently relocated to New England. She teaches classes on Kitchen Witchery and food Magic locally and tours giving workshops along the East Coast. Voted one of the top 100 cooks in the country Dawn appeared on MasterChef season 4 on FOX network. The Kitchen Witch has also been featured in the HIPPO Magazine and WMUR’s Cooks Corner. She is currently working on her third cookbook due to be available shortly. Creating the sacred every day though simple recipes and food magic, Dawn has brought Food Magic into the homes of many Pagans and Non-Pagans alike through her line of infused olive oils and dips. She has been a Pagan for over 15 years and discovered she was a Kitchen/Cottage Witch about 13 years ago. She and her husband, Justin, live in the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts.

Author Raven Grimassi

Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi are a teaching team in the ways of Old World Witchcraft. Raven is an award winning author of seventeen+ books on Witchcraft & Wicca, and has been a practitioner and teacher for over 40 years. Stephanie has also been a practitioner of Wicca & Witchcraft for over 20 years and is a third degree Priestess of Irish Celtic Wicca and Stregheria. Raven and Stephanie co-created and co-authored the two Oracles decks, The Well Worn Path, and The Hidden Path. In 2006, Raven and Stephanie formed the Ash, Birch and Willow system of Witchcraft and are the Directing Elders. Together they co-direct the Fellowship of the Pentacle, a Mystery School devoted to preserving pre-Christian European traditions. In addition, Raven and Stephanie offer home study courses on older forms of Witchcraft ( with students around the globe) through the Fellowship website and have an internet store, , which has been dedicated to providing items for your spiritual and magical practice for over 13 years. Raven and Stephanie also host a weekly radio show on the Illuminati Network called Seasons of the Witch as well as being hosted at independent stores and festival across the country.

Bindy Johnson, Sound Healer 

Through the beautiful sounds of 25 alchemy crystal singing bowls each infused with minerals, metals or gemstones, antique Tibetan & Indian bowls; some dating as far back as 160 years, and other harmonious percussion instruments Bindy leads you on a soul journey to other worlds and deep spiritual levels with the tones that will connect you to your chakras, your guides and to the Divine. Join in with these ancient vibrations, open your hearts and expand. The gifts are as endless and abundant as we desire them to be, and the space she holds is full of love, compassion, empowerment and unity. Please bring with you a yoga mat or blanket to lay upon, pillow for head and under knees for support, a blanket for cover as body temperature may drop, and water for any throat chakra clearing. Bindy has been in the field of healing for over 20 years, she is a Shamanic Energy and Sound Healing practitioner, Magnified Healer, Reiki Master and Teacher and recording artist. Her healing practice Illuminations of Gaia, is inside of Dragonfly Wellness Center in Devens, MA where she sees people privately for healing sessions, and offers monthly sound baths and Reiki trainings. From a young age Bindy's mother taught her hypnosis as a method to move discomfort in her body and bring peace, these teachings expanded in many ways over the years. Bindy is a mother of two who, in additional to sound and energy healing, passes on breathwork, classical homeopathy, herbs, yoga, nature and mindful nutrition to her children for peace and healing.

Eva Goulette

Eva Goulette, founder and director of Dancing Jaguar Inspirations and Spirit Camp, is a shamanic practitioner with a natural gift for working with children. She is passionate about empowering children to be the best they can be, to trust their intuition, speak from their hearts and honor their truth. She has produced a CD, “Tranquil Tales - Interactive Quiet Time Stories for Grounding and Relaxation”, "The Awesome Affirmations Coloring Book", and co-produced “Grounded for Life”, a deck of 52 exercises designed to assist adults and children in becoming more grounded in their daily lives.

Tracy Andryc

Tracy Andryc has been sharing her love of the labyrinth since her first walk on its path in 1998. She sees the labyrinth as a universal tool that can be used in a magical/spiritual context, regardless of your religious path. Tracy is a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, Certified Birth Doula, Reiki Master and owner of One Path Labyrinth Ventures. She takes a holistic approach to her labyrinth work by incorporating other modalities such as crystal grids, sound and sacred dance. For almost two decades, she has facilitated workshops and rituals on the labyrinth and other topics at venues throughout New England. Tracy lives in Massachusetts, with her husband, three adult kids and three step-kids, happily playing with clay.


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