Things to See and Do

The Marketplace After Dark

This year, we'll be adding premium after hours activities full of music, dance, and more! 

Check out the full After Dark lineup here!

Learn Something New

With over a dozen classes, lectures, and workshops, you're sure to expand your knowledge.  Listen to lectures by noted author Raven Grimassi and WMUR regular Dawn Hunt.  Learn the secrets of the Native American flute, chakras, the Norse runes, or shimmy and shake with an introduction to belly dance.

Enjoy Live Performances on Our Main Stage

Musical offerings from Celtic harp and folk, to native flute and drum, to world-renowned singer-songwriters and belly dance--the Main Stage is the entertainment hub of the Marketplace.

Experience the Sound Bath with Bindy

Bindy has intuitive gifts that bring peace and healing to the mind, body and soul. She works with people to help them live the lives they truly desire. 
Through the beautiful sounds of 25 alchemy crystal singing bowls each infused with minerals, metals or gemstones, antique Tibetan & Indian bowls; some dating as far back as 160 years, and other harmonious percussion instruments Bindy leads you on a soul journey to other worlds and deep spiritual levels with the tones that will connect you to your chakras, your guides and to the Divine. Join in with these ancient vibrations, open your hearts and expand. The gifts are as endless and abundant as we desire them to be, and the space she holds is full of love, compassion, empowerment and unity. 

Please bring with you a yoga mat or blanket to lay upon, pillow for head and under knees for support, a blanket for cover as body temperature may drop, and water for any throat chakra clearing.

Bindy has been in the field of healing for over 20 years, she is a Shamanic Energy and Sound Healing practitioner, Magnified Healer, Reiki Master and Teacher and recording artist. Her healing practice Illuminations of Gaia, is inside of Dragonfly Wellness Center in Devens, MA where she sees people privately for healing sessions, and offers monthly sound baths and Reiki trainings. From a young age Bindy's mother taught her hypnosis as a method to move discomfort in her body and bring peace, these teachings expanded in many ways over the years. Bindy is a mother of two who, in additional to sound and energy healing, passes on breathwork, classical homeopathy, herbs, yoga, nature and mindful nutrition to her children for peace and healing.

Get a Psychic Reading

With dozens of techniques from Tarot and oracle cards to palmistry and aura photography, even spirit guides and animal communication, you're sure to find just the right person to help you with the answers you're looking for.

Walk the Labyrinth

During this workshop slot, you are welcome to drop in to write postcards of peace to our local legislators, add to a community peace mural, and/or walk the labyrinth to send your wishes for peace out into the world. In this tumultuous time, we need to find opportunities to weave together our hopes and dreams of a peaceful future to create communities that not only celebrate diversity but genuinely honor differences. This labyrinth walk is in participation of the Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence that was created to find ways to translate what we have learned into a culture of nonviolent responses to terror and injustice.

Get a Henna Tattoo

Ancient Fire Henna offers temporary tattoos using a traditional henna method. Henna is a paste made from the henna leaves laid in intricate patterns on the skin. The paste is left to dry and then scraped off, leaving a stain that darkens to a dark coffee color in a few hours.  With frequent moisturizing with a natural oil like olive oil, the henna stain can last up to 3 weeks. Henna is different from tattooing in that there is no invasion of the skin with pigment with a needle, it is similar to frosting a cake, and is painless and quite relaxing.

Relax With a Massage

Find Massage by Rassa In the Reader Room.  Enjoy an ergonomically designed chair that allows the therapist to access the muscles of the neck, back, shoulders and arms, or feet and calves for an more complete massage experience.

Heal with Reiki and Reflexology

Sole Tranquility Reflexology is based on the premise that there are zones and reflex points on the hands, feet, and ears that correspond to every organ, system, and gland in our bodies. By stimulating these specific points, it may help to decrease stress and allow healing to naturally occur in the body.

Tsuri's offers Reiki, a form of energy healing which activates the natural healing processes of the patient's body to restore physical and emotional well-being.

Have a Bite to Eat

The Marriott Courtyard offers two dining options for Marketplace patrons-  For those who don't want to miss a moment of the faire, a concession stand will feature a selection of ready made sandwiches, snacks, and beverages to grab and go.  If you'd prefer a leisurely sit-down meal, try the cafe, located just inside the hotel- There's even a Starbucks.

Shop the Magickal Marketplace

The core of our event, the Marketplace features scores of the finest artisans, crafters, and merchants from New England and beyond.  You'll find everything from clothing and jewelry to magickal tools and ritual objects, to bath and body products, statuary, kitchenware, original artwork, and much, much more.  Don't forget to get your souvenir tote bag or water bottle at the entry booth! 

Relax and Stay the Night

If you're exhausted after a long day, or don't want to drive back home, the Courtyard offers a special rate for the Marketplace.   Take a dip in the indoor pool or relax in the hot tub, or get a good workout in the fitness center.  The hotel also offers free WiFi connectivity, breakfast, an on-site restaurant and lounge, and many other amenities.